• Cathy Dabney

Step Up The Stairs OR Stare At The Steps

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Daily we have the choice to Step Up The Stares OR Stare At The Steps!

The biggest obstacle between achieving maximum results in any area of my life or the lives of dear friends has been consistently the same.  Although there may be an array of compensating factors one does not reach maximum results in life, one that is consistently the same is not taking action, not moving forward.  Whether it is eating healthier, following a new diet, exercising more, etc.

Goals that have been planted on the inside of you can only be watered and grow if we get up & move!  Stepping up the stares vs. just staring at them! 

Half of the battle is just stepping up the stares and believing God will give you the MOMENTUM when you get weary, the STRENGTH to take another step when the last step was harder than the one before that, the COURAGE to know that you have come this far and you are almost to the top!  Often times in life we quit when we do not see the finish line, but not all finish lines in life have a ribbon you have to run through!  Just because we can not see it, does not mean it doesn’t exist or that is it out of reach, or that we are not getting closer and closer to it! 

Opt to STEP UP THE STARES vs. STARING AT THEM and step into God’s Best For Your Life!

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