• Cathy Dabney

Falling In Love With Your Life Again . . .

Fall has officially arrived & what a beautiful time of the year it is!  What better time than now to FALL in love with your life again!  Far too often we go thru life performing our daily routines, gradually losing sight of how truly beautiful our life is!

What causes one to fall out of love with their life? We all know of someone whether it is a co-worker, business associate, or even friend that remain in a state of complaining consistently vs being consistently thankful.  One may ponder, why do they hate their life so much? The following illustration may give you a great visual.    We have all driven by someones yard when it is covered with beautiful leaves.  Although the array of  leaves vary in shapes & sizes and are beautiful in color, they are covering the entire yard.  Sometimes in life we allow leaves of pain, hurt, unforgiveness, fear, anxiety, and worry to clog our hearts, overtake our minds, and drain our spirit of joy, of peace, of happiness, our love for our life and most importantly of LOVE!

It is a NEW season! 

Time to rake up all of the debris that is blocking our blessings!

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