Cathy Dabney

Broadcaster, Speaker & author

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Cathy Dabney

Broadcaster, Author, Speaker & Philanthropist  

Cathy Dabney is a Mom, broadcaster, author, speaker & philanthropist. Cathy is the Founder and CEO of New Birth Awakening she launched in 2017 & A View From The Top Ministries. Cathy is a licensed educator and has been in education most of her professional career which began at age 15.


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My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.~ Psalms 45:1

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Stay In The Light Blog

Staying positive in a negative world is impossible if we simply depend on the power that is within us alone. Staying In The Light of our higher power is the oxygen we need to flow through our being in order to be all that we were created to be.


There are so many dreams that have been planted on the inside of us, although if we have no peace and are not quiet enough and still enough in a loud world, years will go by and we will end up frustrated and discouraged upon the realization that our dreams and aspirations have been drowned by the noise surrounding us.


Faith is the essence of our being, we must strive to walk in love, we must cancel the lease of hurt & pain that is leasing a space in our hearts, we must strive to tap into & release the power of God within us and as we pursue His light, His light will shine in you and through us!


Stay In The Light!~ Cathy

“Cathy is a trailblazer when it comes to making a difference! She is very caring, positive, and is truly an inspiration to those who she meets.”

Camille Young

“The Making A Difference Foundation truly does make a difference as does Cathy Dabney. Her sincere dedication to help and enrich the lives of others is inspiring.”

Kandie Richards-Gonzales

“Cathy is making a difference because she is a thermostat! Why do I say that . . . Because a thermostat dictates the temperature of the room. When Cathy walks in a room she controls the energy and temp. She is a leader! She spreads love and positive vibes everywhere she goes. So happy I can call you my friend! Blessings!”

Khalil Abdul Aziz

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