Cathy Dabney

keynote speaker, author & lifestyle blogger

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Cathy Dabney

Cathy Dabney is a wife, Mother, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author, broadcaster & lifestyle blogger.


Cathy is commonly referred to by others as a light. 

Cathy is the Founder and CEO of A View From The Top Ministries & New Birth Enterprises. Cathy founded De Leon Consulting and RC Dabney Group in the State of Michigan and Making A Difference Foundation in Las Vegas, Nevada to continue her philanthropic passion.

She is an advocate for justice reform.  

Cathy is a former broadcaster on the HSBN Network and has been featured in numerous magazines and radio shows. 

Cathy is a licensed educator and has been in education most of her professional career which began at age 15. Cathy is highly regarded by her colleagues. She captivates everyone she encounters with her sincere heart of contagious compassion as she encourages everyone to exude confidence, excellence and unwavering faith while living your life with purpose and passion.

She travels around the world spreading uplifting messages of hope, faith & self empowerment. 

Cathy resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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