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Cathy Dabney is an author and motivational speaker.  Captivating and motivating audiences globally to equip, empower and elevate you to maximize your life personally and professionally.. 


Cathy is the founder of New Birth Enterprises & Cathy Dabney Ministries.  Cathy serves as CEO of New Birth Enterprises, which incorporates the self-help books she has authored, public speaking, and her youth empowerment programs. Cathy is a former broadcaster on the HSBN network.  Cathy has attended Yale Divinity School and is currently attending Christians Leaders Institute.  


Additionally, Cathy works with corporations facilitating training to ensure executives, management & staff are maximizing their full potential personally and professionally. Cathy has partnered with NBA athletes, doctors, hospitals, school districts, universities and public and private corporations.


A licensed educator, Cathy found her passion in the human services industry at the age of 15 when she began employment with the Lansing School District.  Cathy's tenure at the Lansing School District prepared her for her future endeavors in education at Michigan State University, University of Michigan, Le Cordon Bleu College, Saint Leo University and Arizona State University. 


A serial entrepreneur, the year was 1995 when Cathy launched De Leon Consulting, "Maximizing Your Career & Personal Development". A Consulting Firm dedicated to providing clear and concise seminars, coursework & materials to help maximize both career and personal development in staff and management.  Simultaneously, Cathy founded Cathy's Word Processing Service. Servicing law firms, school district, county, state and government agencies with transcription, word processing and professional development materials. 


A resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, Cathy works alongside her husband managing their family businesses.


"I believe it is our moral responsibility to join hands with other women and facilitate the push that is required in order for them to birth the dreams that reside in their hearts.  Look around you, whose dreams can you help give birth to? I pray it starts with the woman in the mirror." ~Cathy Dabney


Stay connected with Cathy by subscribing to her Girl Go Get It online magazine at a magazine designed to uplift and empower.  Subscribers receive this monthly  in their email. 

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